Share The Love! Team Building Prmotion: April 1-30, 2014

Mary Kay Starter Kit $75 plus shiping, handling and tax
Mary Kay created her Company with the mission of Enriching Women’s Lives®, and now women around the world say “I love my Mary KaySM” because of the rewarding opportunity that they have discovered. This April, you can help other women realize their potential with the Share the Love! Team-Building Promotion. View PDF.
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When a new Independent Beauty Consultant starts her Mary Kay business in April, she can get the Starter Kit for only $75!
Get, Get Fabulous incentives

When a new team member starts her business April 1–30 and places her first qualifying product order by May 31, 2014, she can get the following incentives:

Quarter 3: 12/16/2013 ~ 3/15/2014

Updated 3/24/13


Consultant Name

Q3 – Contest Credit

  Ebonee Blanding 4444/E
  Lucia Bennett 3723/E
  Robyn Barnwell 3601/E
  Melody Curry 3243/D
  Idra Green 3097/D
  Sylvia Cox 2516/R
  Desiree Foster-Collins 2512/R
  Latheresa Henderson 2448/R
  Tamela Fugler 2438/R
  Denessa Porter 2421/R
  Andrea Kelton-Harris 2401/R
  Gwendolyn Askew 2219/S
  Emily Sullivan 2189/S
  Shantrail King 1926/S
  Mycheal Smith 1902/S
  Rubina White 1897/S
  Sylvia Hatot 1867/S
  Gloria Gardner 1855/S
  Myrna Yaw 1847/S
  Christina Williams 1834/S
  Diane Kelly-Sullivan 1830/S
  Joanne Jordan 1821/S
  Valence Harris-Alleyne 1817/S
  Andranell Williams 1815/S
  Michelle Connolly 1810/S
  Angelia Byrd 1808/S
  Karen Gilbert 1808/S
  Monika Ouellette 1806/S
  Carolyn Larkins 1805/S
  Barbara Wilson 1804/S
  Lisa Russell 1804/S
  Gloria Crisp 1803/S
  Maritza Griffith 1803/S
  Melond Waters 1802/S
  Patricia Campbell 1801/S
  Sharon Rakes 1801/S
  Kizzie Vaughn 1801/S
  Taunya Monroe 1800/S
  Deitre Epps 1800/S
  Valerie Mcgee 1800/S

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Updated 4/10/14


Updated 4/12/14

Directors In Qualification

# Photo Consultant City, State
1 Melody Curry Melody Curry Toledo OH
2 Diane Kelly-Sullivan Berea OH

Future Directors

# Photo Consultant City
3 Tamela Fugler Tamela Fugler Baton Rouge LA
4 Ira Little Florence Glover-Sturdivant Savannah GA
5 Idra Green Idra Green Indianapolis IN
6 CarolynLarkins Carolyn Larkins Shreveport LA
7 Darlene Moran Darlene Moran Whitman MA

Team Leaders

# Photo Consultant City
8 Lucia Bennett Lucia Bennett Yonkers NY
9 MelissaBrooks Melissa Brooks Ellenwood GA
10 Elaine Tugman Patricia Campbell Brooklyn NY
11 Brandee Jones Brandee Carson-Jones Bedford Heights OH
12 Patricia Crispin Deitre Epps Cary NC
13 Damika Esposito Damika Esposito Manchester CT
14 Sylvia Hatot Sylvia Hatot Philadelphia PA
15 Ira Little Ira Little Normal AL
16 PatriciaLong Patricia Long Jacksonville FL
17 Antonia Molina Antonia Molina Brockton MA
18 SonjiNeverson Sonji Neverson Revere MA
19 PatriciaPhillip Patricia Phillip Lynn MA
20 Rose Savoy Rose Savoy Palm Bay FL
21 Marcella West Lobdel Marcella West-Lobdell Henderson NV

Star Team Builders

# Photo Consultant City
22 RolandaBlake Rolanda Blake Leesville LA
23 Torya Britter Torya Britter South Holland IL
24 Jeanette Brown Chesapeake VA
25 Joya Cook Miller Joya Cook Miller Greensboro NC
26 Patricia Crispin Patricia Crispin Euclid OH
27 GloriaGardner Gloria Gardner New Red Jacket! Jacksonville FL
28 Maritza Griffith Charlotte NC
29 Bernadine Henderson Los Angeles CA
30 Laurie Kaffka Laurie Kaffka Ruston LA
31 Andrea Kelton Harris Andrea Kelton-Harris Whitman MA
32 Margaret Langham Margaret Langham Dorchestr Ctr MA
33 Cheryl Lawrence Cheryl Lawrence Virginia Beach VA
34 Sharon Mcneal Jacksonville FL
35 DenessaPorter Denessa Porter Lawrenceville GA
36 Denisha Seals Denisha Seals Lawrenceville GA
37 Emily Sullivan Emily Sullivan E Bridgewtr MA
38 Lisa Vasallo Lisa Vasallo Rancho Cucamonga CA
39 MyrnaYaw Myrna Yaw Brooklyn NY

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